Another day, another (attempted) mass murder in America

Lafayette, a new name to the ever growing goddamned list of places in the US associated with grievous acts of violence. Boston, Aurora, Chattanooga, Charleston… seriously, I can’t even keep track. Am I missing any? Fucking probably.

Mother Jones is more up-to-date, even with a fancy map and graphics so even the most thick-skulled right-wing, NRA supporting tea-partier can see the devastation that guns and a lack of education, safety measures and goddamn respect for human life is wreaking upon the US. You want to talk abortion and pro-life? Fuck the fetuses, look at what is happening to innocent adults and children trying to go to church or to a movie in the states. Who is on THEIR side?

The people doing the research into gun violence and gun related deaths can only take on so much responsibility. Even the PRESIDENT can’t seem to get anything done in regards to this issue. Only HOURS before the Louisiana shooting, Obama had delivered a speech acknowledging his biggest frustration of his presidency has been the gun control issue, and the number of violent shootings that have occurred during his term.

The gun-totin’ second amendment thumpers say how there are regulations in place to keep violent offenders and people with mental illness from purchasing guns in the US. And you do apparently have to pass a background check. But the Louisiana shooter passed, despite his dubious legal and mental-health related history. Not only him but MANY people who later turned out to be obviously unfit to bear arms were able to … well obtain arms.

I’m in a rush to get this out. so I have to wrap this up. But goddamnit what a fucking day.

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