get off your butt.

Hello Canada, I think it’s time we tear our attention away from the burning south of the border that is America for just a minute.

Why? So we can focus on something equally unpleasant but less sensational. Us. And what the fuck is going on here, now, and what we can do to save ourselves from the same bullshit going on all over the world.

Because you know what? Our own hasn’t gone anywhere.

We are not better than America when it comes to racism, unemployment, homophobia, earnest communication between political parties, hunger, clean energy, etc.

We have a lot of our own problems and they won’t go anywhere if all we’re going to do is stick our cold red noses in the air and act like we’re superior to the United States.

People in our neighbourhoods need to be reassured they won’t wake up to hate-fuelled graffiti on their windows, or white-pride posters near their childresn’s schools.

Foodbanks need food to feed the huddled masses of people who don’t make a living wage because of unemployment or stagnant salaries.

The homeless and disenfranchised need to be protected from unfair harassment from law enforcement.

Hospitals are over-run with patients.

I know all these things seem like they’re impossible for an average citizen to defeat, but it’s not like any one of use has to do it alone.

Volunteer. Reach out to your local MP. Donate to a foodbank or give some of your used clothing. Be there for somebody who needs it whether you know them or not.

It’s time to stop patting ourselves on the back for what we aren’t and start to stand up for what we want to be.

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