Ivanka Trump needs a new career; according to her family

According to her father, Ivanka is a woman smart enough to move on to a whole other career if she were sexually harassed. According o her brother, she’s a strong enough woman to not put up with sexual harassment in the work place.

But why is no one noting that her current work place has done almost nothing but sexually harass her. Whether she’s in the room with them or not.

From her dad grabbing her hips, to her brothers commenting on her hotness level when she’s not around, this poor woman has faced a lot of sexual harassment in her current work environment. (AKA the family election business)

But I’m guessing from the upbringing she received, where inappropriate family photos, a revolving door of increasingly younger ‘moms’, and an insane over-valuation of physical female beauty from a dad who runs one of the most objectifying organizations on the planet…

I’m guessing she, and the rest of the Trumps, don’t even know what sexual harassment even fucking means

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