5 days of extreme heat, unlimited internet access and nowhere to go.

Alternate title: Fear and Loathing in 2016.

Grab your fly swatters, clench your teeth and let’s head into bat country. The good thing is, it’s not far. The bad thing is it’s spreading damn-near everywhere. Let’s get weird.


fever-thoughts on:


US politics

Like many of… well, everybody in the Western World; if I hear DNC or RNC or GOP or whatever other combination of letters the news media and internet use because they can’t be bothered to say entire words anymore, I’m going to throw up, scream and throw up some more. ENOUGH already. I hereby start the petition to put a goddamned lock on just how long election campaigning can go on for, and how long news media is allowed to spend covering it every day.

The Nominees are now official for the race of the presidency of the united states and two vat-cloned nobodies have been appointed to each ego-maniac in the running.
Also, everybody is losing their shit.
And I mean everybody. Celebrities refusing screen time, politicians not only avoiding their own conventions but actively trying to assassinate the careers of their own candidates. It’s turned into a goddamn parody of democracy. This is what you see when you watch stupid, unbelievable political drama shows with your parents, not the way the world should ACTUALLY BE RUN.

And to climb off America’s infected dick of a political process for a moment, let’s look at


the world

I guess let’s start with Turkey and continue the Apocalypse-tour from there. Here’s a handy timeline from VICE so I don’t have to rant until my eyes bleed:

So what changes have happened in Turkey? Here’s a quick timeline, thanks to the help of Reddit, of course, of Turkish institutional changes post-coup:

July 21
-Turkey temporarily suspends European Convention on human rights

July 20
-All Turkish academics banned from traveling abroad
-245 Sports Ministry personnel suspended
-300 Energy Ministry and 184 Custom Ministry employees dismissed
-8 top-level parliamentary executives removed
-Education Ministry suspends 6,538 in second wave of dismissals
-Education Ministry shuts down 626 educational institutions, mostly private
-3,213 ham radio licenses revoked

July 19
-30 governors of 99 fired
-Talks of reinstating the death penalty
-180 intelligence officials (MIT, Turkey’s national intelligence agency) suspended
-Demand for all 1,577 University Deans resignation, 21,000 private teachers licenses revoked and 15,200 Ministry of Education personnel fired
-257 personnel at PM’s office dismissed & ID’s seized
-492 state religious personnel (Diyanet) removed
-24 news/media outlets broadcast licenses withdrawn
-393 personnel in Ministry of Family and Social Policy dismissed
-86 Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) employees and 51 Borsa Istanbul
(national stock exchange)*employees dismissed
-All Turks require extra documentation to travel outside country

July 18
-1,500 Finance Ministry officials suspended
-3,000,000 civil servants banned from going on holiday/leaving country
-9000 in Interior Ministry, including 7,899 police officers, fired

July 17
-2,745 judges dismissed
-140 members of the Supreme Court and 48 members of the Council of State (the highest court) arrested

While Turkey has been firing… everybody and taking away the rights of the people to communicate and travel, Venezuela has said ‘so what? At least you can eat.’

And France and Germany become an unlikely couple as the terrorism in both places escalates to dizzying heights with no sign of stopping. But don’t you worry other-countries-of-the-world; crazy has no borders. Even Japan can’t keep violence and radical action at bay.


The shit going on outside my window

I have witnessed three arrests, been stalked by homeless cat-callers while police watched and did nothing, given a homeless man a roll of toilet paper in lieu of spare change and been blamed for a young man’s return to selling ‘crystal’ because I did not put any coins into his sharp cut-in-half soda can. I have also seen enough homeless people with no shirts to want to begin a summer charity that provides refrigerated t-shirts to all homeless people too hot to hide their nipples but somehow not too hot to sit in direct sunlight at the entrance of a mall next to an endless stream of  hot dusty city-bus and high-traffic car exhaust.



Fuck 2016. I hate it here.






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