The dog-eat-dog-days of summer 2016 are far from over. Pt II

I want to expand a little on this particular cluster of news items from my last post

I was having trouble picking what to write about because it all just feels so utterly important sometimes.

But this bunch, they feel connected in ways a lot of the other stories don’t.

There’s been a lot of talk in the news about Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter… And maybe this is me simplifying a complicated issue, but I feel like so many conversations drop the ball on solutions because the emotions tied up with the causes are so close to the surface for so many people.

White people don’t want to be racist, they don’t want to admit to prejudice (and very few places in the media have been discussing unconscious bias, which I feel has to be a direct reflection of the fear of being racist.) But come on guys, the Asians are able to recognize their flaws when it comes to this stuff, can we get the fuck on board here?

Black people, I can’t speak for obviously… but you’d have to fucking blind to not see why large amounts of African Americans are distrustful of police and government and “the system” in general.

It isn’t up to the people doing the most suffering to solve the problems that cause(d) that suffering.

You know why?
No one listens to the people who say “my life should be better.”
Because if it isn’t you or your people who are hurting, or at least not hurting in the same ways, you don’t give a fuck.
And then what happens when generations of people are sick and tired of not being listened to? Historically speaking?
And it’s not going to be pretty. Desperate people do desperate things.

That’s what we’re seeing now. Right now. Every day. It’s fucking history in the making.

And if you step back, everyone is fighting for the same things. They’re fighting for their cultures, their “tribes.” Their need to feel included, equal and taken care of. Their feeling that everyone who isn’t “them” is hold them back, keeping something from them, endangering them.

Trump voters feel safe in circles of people who look like them, think like them, like to carry guns…
He has no credibility or qualifications to run a country but he’s looking these people in the eyes and saying what they want to hear about how he’ll make their lives better.

Black people in America, Canada and all over the majority-white-world are banding together to make their voices heard. To make their lives better.

Religious extremists are harnessing the desperate fears of people who have witnessed their lives torn apart and threatened by “Western” ideals of civilization. They’re telling them that their lives will be better if the Americans, French, Germans, Europeans, etc. are put in their place. that the outside world is a culture they cannot coexist with. That it’s US or THEM. And THEY don’t want to lose. Notice I didn’t say Islam? It’s because you could switch that word with any religion and the argument still makes sense. Just look at how much hassle Trans people are facing just for wanting to take a piss.

The world is on fire right now, and I’m not even going to touch on Global Warming.

People are scared everywhere. Things are changing fast, but not equally. The growing pains are real and the people suffering most are the people who have been eating shit for too long. The poor, the under-educated, the abused, the weak, the ill – mentally and physically.

Change is happening and we have to take control of how those changes will affect our future.
And it might not always look pretty.
It might involve violence.
It shouldn’t, obviously, but you know what? People are animals, people are unbalanced and when someone off balance is pushed, when an animal is cornered – both lash out unpredictably.

And cops are becoming the new targets. Of all the rage, rightly and wrongly. They represent the broken system. They wear a uniform so they look the same. But they are made of individuals just like every other group mentioned.

Let’s find our solutions.
Let’s decide now, how can we all make our lives better.

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