I was up all night getting ready for a fight that never happened. So look out world. I’m coming for y’all.

Starting with my fucking asshole, alcoholic, nutcase “Resident Managers” apparently in charge of the lives and safety of the hundreds of people living in the building.

Last night – a TUESDAY FUCKING NIGHT – at 7pm, all that can be heard in my apartment is an a-rhythmic drumming on porcelain and banging on walls that’s shaking my god damn picture frames.

THEN, going out to the hall ready to watch my dude tell this guy off all that can be heard through the walls of their apartment is douchebag chanting “DRUNK IN THE BATH TUB DRUNK IN THE BATHTUB DRUNK IN THE BATHTUB!”

Stunned, we kind of just stand there for a second like “what the fuck?”

We figure if we knock on this door, there’s gonna be a fist fight with this drunk loser. So we decide to just listen for a bit. After he’s done shouting, dude goes off on a tirade about leadership skills and e-cigs and then resumes banging on the fucking walls! How does the chick he’s with put up with that?

So yeah, we put up a note on their door saying “STOP DRUMMING, We’re calling Realstar to complain” I put the corporations name in here because they’re a bunch of assholes too. Assholes who can’t hire anyone of any quality to manage their building. (We’ve gone through five of these awful resident managers in three years.) They’re also not too interested in hearing complaints.Their phone service is automated to the point of uselessness and it takes a day and a half for them to respond to email. Even then they just want to brush you off saying thay’ll take your complaint to the VP. No mention of who that is or any contact information that will help you navigate their shitty phone system.

So, to my what, tens? Of followers and readers:

Boycott these motherfuckers! They don’t give a shit! Even though they rake in millions of dollars per building. Fuck you! I hope the place burns down with these idiots in charge because they’re too blacked out to hear the fire alarm and you’re forced to answer for it.

I’ll be the first one to say I told you so. If I’m not dead from the fire.

But yeah, so we stuck the note on the door and when I got home from work I stayed up allllll night waiting for these dickheads to come banging on our door asking if it was us.

I was fuckin’ READY.

For nothing apparently. So here we are. I got a lot of rage no direction.

You got beef? Let’s fuckin’ do this. I’ll fight anyone right now.


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