Dance Apocalyptic.

I went out to a bar last night. I live in a rough neighbourhood. I left my house with a sense of fear, of knowing things could go south very quickly. I was alone and a woman and drinking. The worst thing that happened was I almost stepped in vomit, the cover and the beer was too expensive and the DJ sucked.

That should be the worst-case scenario for people looking for a party.

No one should go to a club and end up in a mass-murder. Or to a concert and see the singer shot dead on stage.

The hate-crime committed in Florida and the shooting of singer Christina Grimmie, following the intimate and infuriating coverage of the Stanford rape case is enough to make fear an extremely reasonable excuse to stay in  order a pizza and forget the fucked up world that lays just beyond your door.

But one argument I’d like to make is that everyone who was in that club in Orlando last night is a hero. They said “fuck you” to the bigots who don’t want to see man loving man, either individually or collectively. Those men and women got done up and expressed their freedoms. They didn’t let fear hold them back from doing what they wanted and going where they wanted to go.

President Obama made an amazing speech about the importance of uniting and standing strong in the face of terror and hate. Of not allowing the actions taken by a disturbed individual (or group) to cause us to fear or hate other people. He highlighted the importance of unity and respect and intelligence as being the keys to overcoming the problems of today to make a better tomorrow.

Good luck America, we’re praying for you. Keep dancing. Keep singing. Keep loving.

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