Don’t read this bullshit

I’m so sick of writing about writer’s block… but I have it. Again. There is SO MUCH going on in the world that I want to talk about but I just can’t find the words to make it pretty.

ugh like that last post. the fuck was I thinking? I LOVE artists. I did not explain my argument well. And I still kind of don’t know how to do any better.

Anyway. Let’s get this shit over with.

One thing I’ve learned since starting this stupid blog (what an ugly word by the way.. blog… no wonder no one takes them seriously) is that shit happens, and that shit is usually what ends up getting shown to the world after you just can’t think of any way to polish it and you haven’t had any direct inspiration that lasts longer than a flash in the pan that disappears as soon as you sit down at the keyboard. (yaaaay run-on sentences)

I’m so frigging numb. There is just too much going on. With Trump-mageddon rocking America, Transgender people being denied the right to take a piss, teachers getting pregnant after having relations with 13 year olds, and this rape letter (and the response letters from the dad of the rapist, and from the rapist himself… and then from random people TO the father and on and on…) that I just cannot seem to get away from. I mean seriously. That is a messed up story. It is so, SO important that the discussion is happening, and that poor fucking girl, man.She is so strong. And just to add in a bit of a joke because my eyes are literally welling up just thinking about that goddamned letter she wrote… she’s a fucking GOOD writer. The way she put that horrible experience and the feelings that must have been drowning her in their intensity and dimension… I don’t even have the words to describe what *I* felt reading her letter.

It’s the scenario that EVERY girl dreads. The fear that comes with every sip of booze until that booze inhibits the part of your brain that feels fear. And, jesus… listen to me. It isn’t something that even happens to drunk people, it isn’t even something that happens to JUST women… it’s a goddamn phenomena of evil and domination.

This world is fucked, man. Actually fucked. I mean those stories I listed above? That’s just NORTH AMERICA. That isn’t even touching on the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, who STILL have not been fucking found by the way, or the constant bombings and mass killings being done by ISIS in the middle east, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the continuing refugee crisis straining an already crumbling European economy.

It just seems like everyone everywhere is fucking DYING… and in the worst ways possible. Even those left alive are scarred and hurt and poor and suffering.

And I’m just supposed to… what…? Go to work? Shop? Eat? Sleep? Go about my life like there’s nothing I can do? I guess so, until I just can’t take this feeling of impotent despondence any more, and so use this stupid-ass platform as my only form of catharsis because, who the fuck *wants* to hear a young, spoiled, white Canadian bitch about the problems of the world.

Fuck it.  Everything’s fucking terrible and nobody cares.

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