when the symptom is the solution

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to women’s rights, social equality, etc. But reading about all these message boards that veer from one end of the feminist extreme (think RedPill women on Reddit who claim to be ‘anti-feminist’) to the other (think the all feminist all the time, take no bullshit BitchMedia) it all starts to become a mind-numbing blur.

I, like a lot of people, like to read a wide variety of information on this very turbulent topic to try and not only understand it but to find my place in it.

As a woman, I do believe that women everywhere should have the right to an education, equal pay for equal work, a safe work-place, home, street, everywhere and anywhere. The other part of my brain though, says “yeah, but everyone should also have other basic rights non-specific to gender, like shelter, food, clean water, an end to racism and classism.” And that side of my brain sometimes keeps me from enjoying the more fun, raw “recognize my freedom NOW rhetoric” running around the internet in the form of dyed armpits and vagina accessories (SFW).

It’s a difficult crossover to articulate, or even write down. But I guess to sum up, I believe that women are still kept down by society, but I also believe that there are a myriad of issues affecting our status on the societal totem-pole.

While reading this awesome interview, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I think what makes me have hope for a future of Star-Trek-ian equality, education and freedom is that the people are coming together. Sure, the internet has a LOT to answer for in terms of mistreating its users, but it is still a powerful tool in the fight for (for lack of a better word) justice in modern times.

I might never get to see that future, but if I’m going to keep myself alive I have to believe that when people work together to educate and encourage and fight things have to turn around at some point. Right?

Well I hope so cause after thinking about it… I’m already starting to doubt my own argument.

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