I was gonna write a blog, but then I got…

On my way to work, ya damn hippies!

Just kidding, but couldn’t resist the bad joke.

Apparently everyone in New York was high a day early, though as the Trumpocalypse continues its insane climb toward the presidency. Seriously. I thought New Yorkers were more street-wise than this.

How do you vote for this racist, unstable asshole… oh wait…apparently that’s EXACTLY who they vote for.

I don’t have a lot to say that hasn’t been said about how fucking ridiculous it is that Trump has gotten this far in the race for president of the united states, so instead of flipping out in a tirade of meaningless vitriol about his tiny hands, massive ego and terrible hair, here’s a bullet point list of rebuttals to the arguments he makes in EVERY. DAMN. SPEECH.

The Strong Border/Mexican-paid/Chinese inspired wall:

  • this is crazy racist, even with his “big door” claim.
  • it’s ineffective, as some pundits have said, “a 30 ft wall just creates a market for an 31 ft ladder.” And sure that’s simplistic, but seriously, how the hell does he expect this to stop people?
  • it’s illogical and too expensive to work
  • The Great Wall of China took 4,000 years to build and not only can it NOT BE SEEN FROM SPACE YOU MORONS, it’s only like… 5ft tall in most places. It’s NOT a good model to go off of.

Stopping the Mexican Drug trade

  • He knows not all drugs come from Mexico, right?
  • He also knows that vast amounts of money and resources are already being/have been poured into the American “War on Drugs” for decades… right?
  • Drug dealers are pretty smart and creative, so even if he or someone he hires DOES come up with a good idea to limit drug traffic into America, they’ll have to come up with something even smarter in… like a week.

“taking care” of veterans/while making the army bigger and stronger than ever

  • basically just one point here… HOW?!

Repealing Obama Care

  • This one I’m not familiar enough with ObamaCare to really comment on if it’s doing a good job for the American people, but his statement opens up a lot of questions for me
    • What will he replace it with?
    • How will a brand spanking new medical system deal with the massive influx of all of these veterans that are apparently going to be coming its way while also getting every other citizen registered and accounted for?
    • Who is paying for this?

Second Amendment/if Parisians and Californians only had guns

  • fuck off… you can’t fight bombs with guns you dipshit.

Creating Jobs

  • Great, but not everyone wants to work hard labour building a ridiculous wall, soooo what else ya got?

“knocking the hell” out of ISIS

  • ISIS fucking LOVES Trump
  • With the amount radical groups like ISIS hates the US and its citizens NOW, imagine how much they’ll hate them when this idiot is in charge
  • Trump doesn’t get that geopolitics is hard, that what he does HERE will have an effect THERE, he just doesn’t know the world balance or forethought. He’s an unstable ego maniac who shouldn’t be allowed on camera, let alone to have the access codes to nuclear weapons.

Getting the country out of debt (AKA “start winning”)/ keep the jobs here

And last but hardly least… let’s not forget his stance on 7/11

I can’t believe he’s gotten this far, and should he win, here’s a link to where you can buy your bug-out bag.

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