If you can’t be angry properly, keep it to yourself

Example #1


A public figure in the US says something racist online and it blows up in there face? Not that surprising.

It wasn’t Donald Trump? Ok, now I’m surprised.

A Pittsberg News anchor was let go because of a meandering, bigoted post she made on facebook in which she guessed the age, gender and race of a group of shooters from a mass shooting that happened on Wednesday. For a full deconstruction, here’s someone who knows how to be angry properly who took the time and energy to write something up better and before I could.

Example #2


Canada is not immune to weird bouts of public hate from public figures. Recently, a Toronto Councillor named Giorgio Mammoliti used the death and funeral of the infamous Rob Ford (former mayor of Toronto) as an excuse to drum up some attention. And to give the finger to a bunch of people. Classy. Calling the media “maggots” and fellow councillors “vermin”? You’ve GOT to be kidding at this point. He was not.

Again, someone has already done a better job of vetting this story and pointing out the importance of facts to back up rage. Please check out the Torontoist’s coverage of the unfortunately timed Not-April-Fool’s-Joke that was Mammoliti’s hate-speech document.

Example #3


America. The home of displaced angry people. Y’all need to learn how to use your collective anger better. Understand it, learn where it comes from and harness it. That way you’ll have more revolutions and resolutions to the age old problems that right now, you are really just stirring up and not really dealing with. It’s a self-destructive cycle America. and you’ve reached the stage where you are going to cling to the loudest brute who says he wants you and why? I know that searching for better is hard work, and right now maybe there aren’t a lot of great options, but come on… HOW DID THIS EVEN GET THIS FAR?

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