The day of the Complisult

If you don’t get the reference in the title, jesus, get your life together and watch Community already! Specifically season 2 episode 16.

At what point does a compliment become an insult? Is it when a homeless man says “diggin’ the punk rock hair ‘do!” in gravelly tones as you toss him the $0.50 you have in your pocket on your way to the grocery store? Leaving you to wonder if he was pissed off you only gave $0.50 and was sarcastically commenting on your appearance? Does this hair cut just make you look like a super generous gutter-punk who just dropped a big chunk of your life savings into that hat? Or was he maybe just saying something nice in his own gruff way and you just need to chill the hell out? Or maybe… just maybe… you are a god damn rock-star.

With all this in mind, you go home shower, style that punk-rock ‘do into something societally acceptable get dressed and head off to work at the job that homeless man reminded you of how happy you are to have. And you know your day will be great. Because nobody in an office ever says anything ambiguous that could ever make you feel self-conscious. ever. right? (HA!)

Cue the casual office friend with a statement about your wardrobe that could mean literally ANYTHING. “You’re well co-ordinated today.”

Does this mean

a) congratulations, you don’t look like a colour-blind five-year-old who got dressed in the dark, for once?

b) Are those new shoes? they look great with that outfit!

c) None of the above because it was involuntary word-vomit from someone you kinda know who felt the need to say something when you walked by?

Impossible to know. I’m hoping for b) because yes. they are new shoes and thank you very much for noticing.

Now all I can hope for is that on my way home no one will comment on the cute (re: cheap) earrings I’m wearing and how they make my ears such a flattering and punk-rock shade of green.





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