loose lips…save literature?

According to TimeOut Israel , “[T]he Israeli Ministry of Education decided to ban a book describing an affair between a Jewish woman and an Arab man from the school curriculum.” And Time Out Tel Aviv is having none of it.
They launched a campaign to gather Jews and Arabs to come together and make-out in the name of freedom of speech.
For some reason books are always the first to be blamed, punished, banned or burned when the world is in crisis and I have to say, fuck yeah Time Out for making this movement happen!
And a huge shout out to the people who got involved. Some of whom had never met before being asked to lock lips for literacy.
The video is cute, heartwarming and features both gay and straight couples of brave souls who just want to let the world know that love is love and no war, border or religion will ever stop it from happening.
Have a look if you want your heart to melt.
I for one hope this book gets translated to English after this campaign, because it sounds terrific.

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