what reading has taught me lately

Hey so still have not found my voice after that super long hiatus and I want to try and write something every day. So bear with me while I jot down whatever I can think of to write and rant about. Hopefully it’ll start getting good soon.

I’ve been getting back into reading a lot lately. I’ve been looking to literature, history and pop culture to find inspiration for the person I want to be, and well hits and misses. Here’s a list of what I’ve been reading and what I took from it.

Ada’s Algorithm:
How Lord Byron’s daughter launched the digital age

by James Essinger

  • Ada’s dad might have been a poet and an era-equivalent of a bad-boy rockstar, but her mom was a bad ass bitch. (in the best and most respectful way possible.)
  • her mom’s badassery, independent thinking and strong will got Ada the education she would need, despite it being borderline forbidden at the time, to become the super-genius she was.
  • Ada wrote the first computer program before computers were even invented (technically, I know, I know Babbage and his Analytical Engine… whatever, it wouldn’t have ever reached its potential without Ada.
  • This book taught me that money, brains and a healthy does of stubborn determination can solve everything
    • and side note: if you don’t have money, that’s ok. The brain is the most important part. Money just makes everything a hell of a lot easier.
      • side-side note: don’t listen to anybody else who tries too tell you what you are or aren’t capable of. The science of the day literally said it was unhealthy for women to learn math. Seriously.


Yes Please!
by Amy Poehler

  • You don’t have to be born an under-dog to fight the good fight.
  • Amy was born a white, attractive woman and was given every opportunity to flourish. And she did. Spectacularly, humbly and hilariously. She is one of my newest heroes.
  • I should read more Patti Smith poetry
  • I should try reading poetry in general. Never got into it except for that angsty period when I carried an anthology of Edgar Allen Poe with me everywhere to seem dark, mysterious and smart.
  • You don’t have to be mean to be tough.
  • Success comes from a long, boring, frustrating series of events known as life, not from a chance encounter with a white-knight saviour who will publish your novel and make you insta-famous.
  • I should make more friends and get involved more in my community instead of bagging on it so much and so often.
  • “treat your career like a bad boyfriend” I think this is the best advice given by anyone ever.


The Smartest Book in the World
by Greg Proops

  • I need to expand my vocabulary.
  • I need to watch more classic movies.
  • Again with the goddamn poetry, I get it. I will get some the next time I’m at the library, get off my case!
  • I should smoke more weed, drink more vodka and live my grooviest life.
  • Art is underrated.
  • I don’t like listening to people talk about baseball.


by Ai Yazawa

  • Girl friends are the BEST fiends.
  • I’ve assumed that all manga is porn for too long.
  • Life can get fucking complicated.
  • be more upbeat and things won’t seem as bad.
  • Keep some of your problems to yourself.
  • Working hard may not get you exactly what you want, but it will make you successful.
  • Japan has some REALLY cool food and fashion.
  • I need to get more piercings, tattoos and dark eyeliner.


Card Captor Sakura
by CLAMP manga group (I think…)

  • Be more aware of the feelings of the people around you.
  • I wish I had a best friend who made me super cute outfits and was secretly in mad lesbian love with me.
  • Japan is a little too open about child-adult romantic relationships.
  • The manga is ALWAYS weirder than the westernized cartoon you watched on Saturday mornings.
  • Learn how to rely on other people more.
  • I wish bento-boxes were as ubiquitous and classy here as they look in manga.
  • Over-sleeping and rushing around is only cute when you’re a fourth grader. Get your shit together.

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