Illusion of dabs as super-drug shattered

Dabs, or wax, in the pot and ever-increasing vaping community are not well understood outside of the drug community. What makes matters more funny and a little embarrassing for law enforcement officials in both Vancouver and Illinois is that law enforcement has been sent into a back pedaling spiral after way over-stating the effects of the sticky substance known as shatter.

“Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘Shatter’. We cannot lose any more young people to senseless overdoses” read a tweet from the force’s gang unit referring to an absolutely bogus scenario that has never happened. Another tweet containing a photo of shatter claimed the drug “can cause temporary psychosis. Looks like toffee. This was seized in a traffic stop tonight. BEWARE.”

That was a tweet sent out by the Vancouver Police Department.

Their NEW tweet about the matter admits that none of the information in the previous tweet was true.

While obviously still an illegal (ish) and concentrated substance, the biggest risk that comes with using the substance is in amateur production.



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