OK, OK… I’ll get back to writing

You’re not alone courtesy: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com

Everything in my life is telling me to get back into a routine of doing things that make me feel like not so much of a selfish, lazy shitbag.

First, one of my favourite online comics sums up PERFECTLY how I feel when I try to write for this blog. Like what I’m doing doesn’t matter. Like I’m just a drop in the bucket and not even an influential one so why even bother?

And then, I go to buzzfeed to do a crossword puzzle to zonk out my brain from thinking about the news that’s pelting me from all sides, to not think about the world that does what it wants regardless of how much I scream at it and want it to change. Regardless of how many new clothes I don’t buy or how many local businesses I support, etc, etc.  And what do I see? A girl much younger than me, and much more successful online pulling her head from out of her own ass so elegantly, I just can’t NOT write about it.

I mean, sure cynical ass-hole me thinks a lot of her video is naive, and full of almost pap about hating the industry that she was apart of that survives on the gullibility of young people, that pushes its audience to buy and consume while it ultimately consumes the souls of the people promoting its bullshit. It’s all stuff that’s been said before. Ever since Hollywood and advertising have existed, beautiful young women have been used like fishing lures to get people to notice them while the hand of big-business reels in the hoards that are drawn to them. But I have to say to this girl, congratulations. And you are not alone.

You aren’t the only one who wants to make this vapid, self-centered, self-defeating world we call home a better place. So take some comfort in that.

I know your video offered me some of that comfort. Best of luck.

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