People are pigs, and cops are people. Therefore…

Nowadays it seems like you can’t open a newspaper, news site or even social media website without seeing yet another story about someone (usually a young black someone) being shot by police under dubious circumstances.

Today though, (whatever denomination you choose) God(s) showed his/her/their omnipotent sense of twisted humour by answering the worlds’ prayers for change. Yes indeed brothers and sisters there was a cop in the news today NOT for shooting anybody, but instead for being the embodiment of gross-over abundance of undeserved authority. This particular piece of work decided (a whole bunch of times) to switch off his dashcam during traffic stops in order to show his penis to drivers. Yup. You read that correctly. Suddenly my brush with grabby day-drunks doesn’t seem so bad. This man is no longer a cop, but apparently his behaviour is not being punished by much more than him losing his job and he will not be placed on any registered sex offender lists.

Then, I stumbled upon ANOTHER glorious lack of shooting in THIS article. Because in Philly, they’ve traded in racist shootings for homophobic salesmanship instead! This cop managed to lose his job and discredit a perfectly nice charity fundraiser all in one go. (Bonus article! This article from a few days ago, also from Philly of a narcotics officer who failed his drug test – which apparently in Philly is the prerequisite for an early, fully funded retirement.)

I guess I shouldn’t rail against cops ass being the only organization that gives terrible people terrible amounts of power over the lives of civilians. Not when the US army is kicking out members for stand up for the rights of victims of rape and abuse.

Writing this is making me crave bacon. And revolution.

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