Iranian hackers broke into what they thought was a Chevron gas pump — but it was a honeypot


In the last few years, the so-called “Internet of Things” has gotten a reputation as “the Internet of Things That Can Be Hacked.” This year alone, security researchers have hacked baby monitors, skateboards, rifles, and a Jeep— making it undriveable while it was going 70 miles per hour on a highway. One hacker possibly even hacked an airplane while it was in flight.

“The selling point for these well-connected objects is added convenience and better safety,” wrote academic Zeynep Tufecki in a recent New York Times op-ed. “In reality, it is a fast-motion train wreck in privacy and security.”

Concerns about connected devices are hardly new. Security researchers have warned for years that millions of devices are connected to the Internet insecurely and are thus hackable. And according to the branch of the Department of Homeland Security tasked with cyber attack defense, there were just 245 incidents reported to them…

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