Tanzanian reality TV show ‘Mama Shujaa wa Shakula’ is ‘Survivor’ meets ‘Big Brother’ for women farmers


Mama Shujaa wa Shakula, the Tanzanian reality TV show starring women farmers, is kicking off its fourth season on African television this week. The show, which translates roughly to “Brave Food Mother” in English, features rural women competing for 21 days in farm-related challenges, with the top three winners getting $9,000–$11,000 worth of cash and farming tools. It’s like Survivor meets Big Brother, but with the intention of actually doing some good in the world.

The show will broadcast 18 farmers, women 19-62-years-old, working in a village to prove their farming prowess. Viewers in Tanzania and neighboring countries will vote for their favorites across the three weeks.

Women have minimal land rights and a lack of authority in the Tanzania, which the show hopes to challenge. Oxfam, the non-profit running the program with East Africa TV, hopes it will give women a platform to be better respected in their communities.

“It gives them a national platform to speak for themselves and articulate their demands. It’s…

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