Appreciate the little things

Ever have one of those days that make you forget that the world is literally burning all around you?

I’m having one, and I didn’t win the lottery, run a marathon or do anything of any significance at all. But I’m rarely, briefly (so let’s get this written FAST,) blissfully content.

I had the first good sleep in months. It was GLORIOUS. fell asleep before the sun came up, slept through the whole night…. and switched off the alarm so I could keep enjoying it.

That last bit was probably not an awesome idea, as my good mood propelled me to spend way too much time cooking a feel-good breakfast of a spinach and red pepper omelete complete with a side of has browns… which in turn made me miss my bus to work and have to call a cab.

BUT while waiting for the bus that had already gone by I was approached by a man (and generally this would be the starting point for a spectacular rant about sexism and blahblahblah but not today!)

This man respectfully came up and opened with “do you know where I can find a gay bar in the city? I’m from out of town.” This is, for those who know me, a big deal. I felt bad because I honestly didn’t know. My job is not conducive to a thriving night life, perhaps one of the many reasons I’m so damn grumpy. So I had to direct him somewhere else. But in our brief conversation we got along. Actually quite well. He was really nice and I hope I run into him sometime to buy him a drink. Though I didn’t catch his name (so let’s start the voices of Social Anxiety running through my head to start making me feel extremely guilty and rude for not getting the name of some dude who, let’s face it, had no interest in me as a person, but merely an information booth.)

After that exchange I had to admit to myself I really had missed the bus and that the next one wouldn’t be for another hour. So I called a cab. I hate calling cabs, they’re expensive and the drivers are either stone-faced or friendly but don’t speak English. Either scenario makes the SA voices make for a very uncomfortable ride for me.

So I’m waiting. About 15 minutes and three cabs go by without stopping.

Eventually one stops for my outstretched hand. The driver is young in taxi-driver years, he speaks fluent English and the only thing he has to complain about is the fact that Uber is a creepy company that breaks the rules doesn’t make much sense. Again. It was a fantastic conversation with another human being that didn’t make me want to jump in front of a train.

Today is starting off as a great day.

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