Who watches the Watchmen?

The biggest problem with police departments everywhere is that they are hard to police. Ontario Ombudsman André Marin recently said basically the same thing when he called for both a ban on “carding” and for the government to give more power to the Special Investigations Unit responsible for keeping police departments in line.

It’s about time people in government started to acknowledge the fact that police departments have been getting away with far too much for far too long. From abusing. the. homeless. to mistreating (and occasionally murdering) the mentally ill, and not to mention the ongoing race-relation issues (#blacklivesmatter) that don’t seem to diminish anywhere in the world.

The best thing about living in this century is that the civilians have been able to play Big Brother against corrupt institutions. When everyone has a camera, you better believe your skeletons won’t be able to stay int he closet long. The biggest disappointment has indeed been the glacial pace of change in terms of government action in light of all of the video evidence of wrong-doing by ass-holes with badges. But this is a war of attrition and I think we’re wearing them down. Power to the cameras.

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