Amy schumer is a fake, and that’s what makes her awesome

“I’d say I disappoint about 50% of the people I meet. And that’s okay!” Says Schumer in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

Schumer is known for her jokes and sketches that often portray her as something of a drunken floozy with an Ambien addiction. But as she’s being interviewed more and more, the truth about her dual personality is becoming more apparent. She is hilarious on and off the camera and she has experienced the hardships necessary for anyone to become an empathetic, interesting human being with a soul.

I’m GLAD that this tamer, somewhat boring, introverted new Amy is surfacing. I hope this spreads the message to people that it\s ok to be more than one thing. It’s ok if you’re loud at home and quiet and awkward at parties, or vice versa. And also, that it’s possible to grow and change, not only possible but NORMAL.

In a more extreme example of another kick-ass (literally) woman in the news with a dual personality is Gill Rosenberg. Former felon, current crusader against ISIS. “I was young and stupid and, you know, did something I shouldn’t have … and, you know, spent four and half years in jail for it, and wanted to turn my life around and do something good for a change,” Rosenberg, fighting back tears, told Israel’s Channel Two television.

Rosenberg and Schumer are two women who know that who you are is not who you’ve been (not sure… but I think I owe Taylor Swift a cheque for that line…) and that you don’t have to define your identity o how the world sees you.

Basically, just do you and fuck anybody who tries to put you in a box or tires to make you feel embarrassed because they’re so dense they can only see you from one limited perspective.

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