Georgia Walmart gets flash-ROBBED

Ok, so I’m a little out of date on my en masse robbery tactics, but I totally called this happening as soon as I found out what a flash-mob was. Just sayin’.

What started as a social experiment  by a hipster obsessed with viral culture, Bill Wasik, became a sensation among highly-connected (cellphone, internet, social media) individuals for pleasure, protest, or (highly) organized crime.

I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of these mobs getting out of hand before. Really it’s just crazy that in a world where I can’t get my BEST friend to commit to a dinner date, hundreds of people can commit to wearing the same outfits, meeting in the same place and even stealing LARGE amounts of the same things.

Maybe crime doesn’t pay but it certainly seems like it’s a great way to add structure to your social network.

***disclaimer*** I’m not suggesting organizing large groups of people for the purposes of committing crimes as a way to create more organization in your life… duh

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