6 Things I Need Activists to Stop Doing Now

Natasha Thomas-Jackson

I have been an activist my whole life, even before I knew what the term meant. A socially conscious and emotionally sensitive child, I often cried when I watched the nightly news….disappointed in the world and fearful of my future in it. In my teens, I led unsuccessful campaigns in my household to get my family to recycle and become vegetarians. Something in me has always felt a responsibility not only for myself, but the world as a whole. I understood, on a very spiritual level, the connectedness of all life. My current work is the result of a natural evolution.

And although, I feel fairly comfortable in saying that I am fulfilling my purpose in life, it has not been without stumbles, falls, fuck-ups, and hard learned lessons. Activism, like any other path, is one that can quickly be undermined by the many frailties of being human. Ego, unconscious…

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