Review: Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly

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MercyHopcrossHCCoverMercy Thompson is a bad b- I’m just talkin’ ’bout werewolves!

Seriously though, this is a bad-ass lady who runs with the pack. Literally. Mercy (shifter, coyote) and her husband Adam Hauptman (Alpha-werewolf in the Tri-Cities Area) are Dynamite Entertainment‘s answer to all fantasy/mystery lover’s prayers.

After unearthing some bodies on one of their nightly prowls, Mercy and Adam call in the human police to get involved. With some dubious accusations thrown into the mix.

The local media also gets involved, which makes life a living hell for Hauptman’s daughter (Mercy’s step-daughter) Jesse.

Jesse Hauptman is a normal human girl, (normal as it gets when dad’s a werewolf and your parents are divorced) but her father and step-mother’s nocturnal activities have made her an outcast among her peers at Riverview High.

This story has it all. From gruesome crime investigation, to werewolves, teen angst, faeries, witches and demons, Oh…

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