There is no cure for autism, so stop torturing your kids

So, I stumbled upon this article from VICE and totally thought it must be fake.

I have nothing against VICE, in fact, I kinda love them. But this was too much. Parents not only feeding their kids bleach, but forcing them to take bleach ENEMAS as way to “cure” AUTISM. That is well and truly the most horrible thing I’ve heard today. And I read some pretty nasty news today.

It isn’t even that much of a fringe group who are trying to convince people of these cures. In the US the FDA has known about this MMS (so called Master Mineral Solution) since at least 2010 when it issued this warning, “Consumers are being warned not to drink a product sold on the Internet as a medical treatment after some users got sick after drinking it—including one person who had a life threatening reaction.”

Sound like a good thing to give your child yet?

As VICE, in another article on the subject, points out MMS is touted by its advocates as not only a cure for autism, but for just about anything that little make-believe critters in your body might mucking up.

“… there are a number of people who are convinced that using Miracle Mineral Solution—also known as following the “CD Protocol” (CD stands for chlorine dioxide)—will cure whatever ails them. They believe that it works by clearing the body of mystery parasites known as “rope worms” and other pathogens that they believe cause autism (this theory, to be clear, is wholly unsupported by medical science). And it’s not just autism. MMS is marketed as a classic cure-all, purported to treat everything from diabetes to malaria to Ebola to AIDS. There’s even a pseudo-Wikipedia where you can look up which “protocol” to follow to cure any illness, whether the complaint is baldness or brain cancer.

Curious as to why ANYONE would think eating bleach cured anything other than gut bacteria and over-all good health, I thought I’d Google “cure autism” and instead of the tons of links about fundraisers and charity runs I thought would result from the search. I found this, and a few other links, but this one sums it up pretty well.

Children with autism have been abused. And worst of all it’s been in a medieval, blood-letting, leaches in the face, stupid kind of way that preys on the people who don’t understand their child’s ailment and so get swept up with what these crackpots say will “fix” them.

Well fuck you. Fuck you to all the people who gain on the suffering of others. Fuck the people who are so afraid of science and big words that they’ll believe anything as long as it has a goddamn sunflower on the logo. And fuck you to the people who will waste their time searching and searching to find dodgy science to back up their backward beliefs because they’re too arrogant to admit that their child might not be like the rest of society. The people who are afraid of their own children so they have to find a way to blame the outside world or  find a way to “fix” what they consider “wrong” with their child.

I have sympathy for parents of children with autism, it can be difficult and scary knowing your child functions differently than what has been classified as normal. Especially when they experience both the intellectual and physical disabilities often associated with it. What I can not believe, is that in this day and age, educated people believe in these pseudo-scientific bull-shit theories. And worse,  the people who profit off the uneducated by damaging their children.

There’s no cure for autism. But there is help. REAL help. and it’s not at the bottom of a Drain-o bottle.



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