I thought I told you to cut that shit out, Facebook!

I hate repeating myself. But I’ll be damned if the big FB (Fucking Bullshit) generator that is Facebook hasn’t gone and done it again (or, I guess just done some more. Whatever.)

So, in my last post I discussed Facebook trying to take advantage of the vulnerability of the world’s poor by creating internet.org and partnering with telecom companies to basically destroy net neutrality. Their Trojan horse of charity only serves to sneak their product under the noses of regulators before any regulations actually exist.

That said, the bastards decided they’re not done trying to quietly shove their shit into the faces of the world public. They’re working on creating a search function within the site that will basically be a Google within Facebook for a mind-bending inception-worthy level of arrogance. The idea is that people will never have the need to leave Facebook to search for news, or articles. They’ll never have to exit the all-encompassing womb of what Facebook knows is best for them.

And Facebook WILL decide what gets through and what doesn’t. It will pick and choose what sources will be hosted. It will categorize the information, it will bury items that make it look bad, it will reinforce its own ideals by feeding you information through its own filter. And WHY is this a big deal? Oh sure Steph, people can just get their news from better sources. but they Don’t. and they Won’t. So all hail the god damn Facebook monopoly. It’s easier than thinking I guess.

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