Madonna and Drake, sitting on a stage, s-e-x-u-a-l-a-s-s-a-u-l-t

There are a few  too many different opinions to count floating around out there about what happened at Coachella. Was Drake happy? put off by the stage make- up? Is Madonna being attacked because of her age? Is Drake in denial because that’s a common reaction for men who have been sexually assaulted? I don’t know, nobody will ever know.

My opinion? It was sexual assault, as for the aftermath? That’s showbiz, baby. It was mostly his reaction after the fact that made it seem wrong and/or creepy/unwanted. But it doesn’t matter what it *seems* like. It’s up to him to say the truth about his feelings. If he wants to.

And while Drake is a baby compared to her Madgesty, he is a big boy involved in the shady world of music celebrity and he’s gonna have to learn to handle himself.

The same way all of the young women in showbiz have had to learn how to handle themselves against the tides of unwanted physical and sexual advances from co-performers since time immemorial.

I think it’s always wrong, despite gender, to “surprise” a co-worker/co-performer/whatever with a sexually charged gesture of any kind.

I think show-biz is basically higher-pay-grade sex-biz.

I think Madonna has made it her “thing” to make out with people she’s on stage with. But I also think that it’s great to keep the locking lips a surprise for the fans, but maybe run it by your co-star to avoid any awkwardness after the fact.

And most of all I think that there are a lot of other more important things going on in the world right now:

et fucking cetera

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