Vaccinations down-under. Possibly even more painful than it sounds

Ok. Let’s open this can of worms by saying I am vaccinated and if I ever have kids, they will be too.

That said, it sounds like the Australian “no jab, no pay” approach proposed by Tony Abbott is a little scary. Especially since Australia has a track record of making things difficult for the scientific community to receive funding, which makes their intentions regarding this new mandatory vaccination move seem dubious.

Vaccines have taken a lot of unnecessary and unfounded flack in the last few years. Parental autonomy is great, but we all live in communities and vaccines are designed to keep the group safe by helping the individual fight off highly contagious diseases before they are able to take root in the body and cause symptoms.

Cutting off welfare money to underprivileged families always strikes me as a pretty harsh thing to do. Especially to kids. Especially when there are other ways to make vaccinations mandatory within a community. Ways that don’t take food away from the children who have not been vaccinated. And ways that are more balanced in their approach, not allowing the rich to do what they want while the poor have their options forcibly taken from them.

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