Buzzfeed did something right for once.

The clickbait site that refuses to acknowledge its clickbait-y-ness has done a good thing today.

Albeit, after getting caught doing a less good thing. Buzzfeed, after deleting a bunch of posts that ” (were) not consistent with the tone of BuzzFeed Life.” One of these posts, as pointed out by Anthony Ha of Tech Crunch, was a less than flattering post about the soap company Dove.
Dove, by the way, is a Buzzfeed advertiser, which raised a lot of questions about the site’s integrity. And integrity is becoming an ever more important ideal for Buzzfeed to maintain, as its recognition and influence is growing.

That influence comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of scrutiny.
Scrutiny, which has dredged up a few shady dealings done by the site that some would say are down right ominous, but still others would defend as simply unfortunate growing pains that have been misunderstood.

Personally, I peruse of Buzzfeed. I take the stupid quizzes to kill time, and I go to their news section to see if I’ve missed anything interesting during my news hunt around the web. I think the site is no more evil and corrupt than any other corporate news-generator, but I am happy to know that when they are held accountable for something, they fess up and make right with their public.

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