screw you Yogi Tea, you wanna-be fortune-cookie company (P.S. love your Kombucha tea though)

So, it’s the coldest April day I can remember experiencing and I decide to warm up my shriveled soul with a cup of tea.

And What is on the end of each Yogi Tea string?
A watered down, likely computer generated, piece of infinite wisdom.
Usually I just tear it off and ignore it. But this one got my grump on.

“Truth is everlasting”

What a load of shit.
And it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t a platitude that is said SO OFTEN. And it’s so close to being right, the fact that it’s wrong is so frustrating.

People think that truth is some magical overarching ideal that is experienced by everyone in the same way forever. But it isn’t because it CAN’T be.

Truth is a word used to describe the actuality of reality. And reality is in the eye of the beholder (or, if you prefer, THIS. Or THIS)

So can we all stop with the goddamn fortune cookie “let’s feel good because we bought something that makes us feel deep without making us fucking think” attitudes and products? Can we use our eyes and ears and feelings to define our respective realities by listening to the realities of others and the world around us, instead of insulating ourselves in these stupid nonsense based marketing tactics?


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