John Oliver is the next best thing to Jon Stewart. Period.

While I think john Oliver is annoyingly long-winded and I find most of his jokes  awkwardly delivered, he does some damn fine reporting.

His recent interview with Edward Snowden blew up the internet despite, as was mentioned on the show, the lack of memory the general public has of Snowden and his leaky deeds. This was probably the best episode I’ve seen of Last Week Tonight since Oliver’s call to action regarding Net Neutrality.

Just as I was preparing to give up on comedy news-casts, Oliver actually delivers some real news, and a real reminder of the troubling facts of data collection,  with this interview of the man the NSA wishes they could just make go away.

The problem with Snowden and his leaks was that, while he grabbed the headlines and the attention of the world for a while… he just dropped out of the cultural narrative. This interview with Oliver has not been the only. high-profile. interview. Snowden has done in the last while, but it is the only one that seemed to get any real attention.

Oliver brilliantly was able to make the monumental, sinister, yet not-something-anyone-thinks-about topic immediately urgent to anyone anywhere who has ever sent a nude. pic.

Anyway, I know a lot has been said about this particular interview, so I won’t keep you much longer. But I would like to leave you with what Cat Zakrzewski, a writer at Tech Crunch  had to say on the subject, which summed up the situation pretty well:

“The FREEDOM Act’s failure last year can largely be attributed to a lack of public support and understanding. If the average voter doesn’t know the name Edward Snowden, how can they be expected to know about Section 215 of the Patriot Act?
Ever able to make us laugh about even the driest news topics, Oliver changed the topic of discussion from vague hypotheticals about civil liberties to something tangible he knew many Americans would care about — dick pics.”

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