The NYU “I Hate My Thighs” Baby Onesie for girls… and a rant about fat-shaming


Since this photo has been blowing up the internet, the NYU bookstore has removed the product from their shelves, prompting a lot of commenters to ask “why was it there in the first place?”

Babies. Do not. Self-loathe. And sure, they can’t read either, but should the fact they don’t know what the Klan is be a reason to put them in a white hood?

No. Obviously.

For little girls (and boys and adult men too) , the world ahead of them is going to be aggravating and mean and scary enough. Can we at least let kids get past age zero before we start judging them based on if they’re a size zero?

As Kelly Clarkson, a celeb currently on the fat-shaming community’s radar, has said, fat-shaming is nothing new. It likely won’t go away over night either.

Before anyone gets all in my face about being “too sensitive” or thinking I’m advocating for fat people (I mean, what the hell? Is that even a THING?! Also… WHO CARES????) I feel like I’ve got to say this stupid disclosure so that I don’t accidentally feed the trolls.

I’m sure as shit not advocating unhealthy lifestyles, I  think the rising levels of obesity around the world are disturbing and need to be dealt with. BUT, fun fact, there is evidence that fat-shaming actually makes people eat WORSE. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, assholes. (Not to mention the obvious fact that it just makes people feel shitty.)

The fact is, as human beings we clearly have food issues and body issues. And I think our cultural atmosphere of advertising companies, social media, magazines, tv shows, and even the goddamn OBITUARY SECTION of some newspapers, is doing us more harm than good when it comes to cultivating an environment where mutual respect can thrive.

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